Three years of web hosting – free!

I keep a small business web site. It’s very modest and I wanted to keep the costs down, so I looked around and found a web hosting service that had a free plan. I’ve had them for a year now, and while my demands are admittedly on the low side, I have been quite happy with their service. It only cost me $9 a year to park my domain ( with them, and the rest was totally free.

The plan came up for renewal this month, so I did some more shopping around. I was thinking that I should get a more powerful plan, so I could consolidate this blog with the business site, and maybe add other things, such as an shopping cart and even a forum or chat.

Well, my shopping led me right back to where I started. My host – KVC Web Hosting – offered an unlimited plan for only $3.39 a month, and it included free domain hosting. Domain hosting is going up to $10, so in effect that’s only $2.75 a month for unlimited web hosting.

What’s more, they are currently running a Christmas special whereby if you sign up for three years, you get an extra three years free. This is an unheard of deal.

Also on the plus side, they have discounts for churches and charitable organizations, though I don’t know that the discounts are stackable with the above deal.

Do your own research, of course, to make sure it’s a good fit for you, but I can say that with my limited needs I found no problem with the service, so on that basis I recommend them. The link to get you started is HERE.


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